Tex Tan Saddle Serial Numbers Lookup for FREE

Whether you bought a saddle off EBay or bought a new one in a store or on Amazon, it is necessary to know how to do Text tan serial numbers lookup.

Every saddle is imprinted with a unique serial number.

This serial number is used to identify a “single saddle”, giving more details about its type, color, and size as well as other information the saddle company sees vital.

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How to Read Tex Tan Sadddle Serial Numbers

The serial number can be seen with or close to the brand’s saddle mark – a logo or design that identifies the saddle maker’s brand.

  • Locating the Serial Number

Depending on the model or make of the saddle, it’s serial number location may vary.

Based on a rep from Tex Tan, their saddles are marked with the serial number inside the left fender beside the Blevins buckle; but; however, they may be found in other areas.

The serial number is mostly in two parts, many numbers followed by a space or a dash, followed by another series of numbers. It may be located under the model number.

The model number is easily identified:

on older Tex Tan saddles, the model number begins with a 08, while on newer models it begins with a 292.


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Some older models of Tex Tan saddles lack serial numbers.

If you find it hard to identify a used saddle using a series of numbers you found, it is possible they were placed there by a past owner and not the manufacturer.

How to Read Tex Tan Saddle Serial Number

Reading the Serial Number

A recently produced Tex Tan saddles have two-digit model year imprinted as part of the serial number.

The year code may be paired or may stand alone with numbers identifying the month in which that particular saddle was made.

Text Tan advises that any buyer with additional questoons/inquiries about a Tex tan serial numbers should contact a local dealer or send an email to alex@actioncompany.com.

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Note: Ensure you add as much information as possible when leaving them a mail, including the model number of the saddle. It may take a few days or more to get feedback to an email, as the company received tons of request each day.


Attaching images of the saddle and the serial number when sending an email can quicken a response to your request.

Send pictures of any numbers you may find on the saddle if you have any question about identifying the right one.

In my case, I called the company try to figure out the numbers. I sent them several emails and they never responded, and it turns out that their customer service number isn’t working.

So, I took two steps further by calling the sales number and be redirected to their voicemail by a friendly nice woman.

A man called me back within that same hour, and was super nice.

So, now you know how read Tex Tan saddle serial number lookup for free, Kindly share this post and leave us your experience using the comment section below.

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