Hubertus Saddle Reviews in 2022- Are they Built to Last?

While drafting this Hubertus saddle review, we discovered the saddle from this brand to be super comfortable, beautifully made, and long-lasting (with people telling experiences of use for more than 30 years).

I got mine off eBay and it is one of the best decisions I ever made.

I would even purchase another in a heartbeat if I could find one that could fit my brother’s horse.

These saddles were made back when things were built to last and last they do!

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

Hubertus Saddle Review

Every model of the Hubertus is good but I admire the Kosak All-Purpose more.

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Customer: I bought this saddle new first from a saddlery in Taree NSW in 1986, for around $600 (AU).


One of the most comfortable saddles out there. So comfortable that you won’t be needing any breaking in.

The leather is beautifully made and it will withstand several years of riding with only a small bit of visible wear.

It has a reasonable deep seat and a nice small supportive knee roll.

The flaps are not as forward as a lot of saddles, but they can be used for jumping with no problems at all and a great saddle for flatwork.

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The brand is no longer available new in Australia.

That means, you cannot get a new one but can get a used one.

Hubertus Saddle Review

I have not seen one with a narrow gullet. Maybe they exist, or maybe not.

But mine is not a suitable saddle for most TBs.

But otherwise, I cannot see fault in its quality in any way.

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Since my years of owning it, I have found no issues with it so the overall quality of the saddle has been great.

The stitching is still perfect, the leather still appears new (I have taken proper care of it though) and the only thing that requires replacing, after 10 years, is nothing.

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

Hubertus saddle Review Summary:

This is a wonderful saddle, very comfortable and quite lovely.

I recommend them if you can find one new or secondhand.