Can You Ride a Draft Horse? Expert Advice

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Can you Ride a Draft Horse?

Indeed, you can ride a draft horse.

In fact, all horses can be trained, and draft horses are highly trainable in different disciplines.

There are several specific things to consider if you are riding a draft horse, but they are fantastic saddle horses.

It depends on what your ultimate riding goals are.

As with all horses, draft horses will need training and a proper tack to ride, but they can be fantastic companions.

When it comes to riding, running can play a role in the overall experience for the horse.
Depending on your ultimate goal, the breed should be an important consideration when choosing a horse.

A lot of persons wonder if draft horses are okay for pulling or riding.

Yet draft horses can make great saddle horses and terrific companions.

Draft horse breeds were primarily bred as workhorses to tow large loads, wagons, carts, and plows. Part of the reason they were used in this way was their strength and size.

They have a calm temperament. In its simplest form, a draft horse is “bigger” than other horse breeds, but they do have some definite characteristics where they stand out.

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Can You Ride a Draft Horse

What breeds of horses are draft horses?

Granted, this won’t be an exhaustive list, but there are a couple of breeds you’ve heard of, and they belong to the draft horse class. Clydesdale is probably the most famous and certainly you’ve seen in all commercials of Budweiser during the Superbowl.

Some of the other best-known draft breeds are; Percheron, Belgian, Friesian, and Shire.

A few unpopular draft horse breeds include; Haflinger, Irish Draft Horse, Fjord, and Murakoz.

Draft horse character and characteristics.

Draft horses are known for their calm demeanor and relatively patient disposition.

They also have a straight shoulder, shorter, more powerful, and larger backs, all of which are well-suited for heavy-duty and throwing.

Another telltale sign of a draft horse is their feet.

They have beautiful feathering around their feet.

These giant horses have extra hair around their hooves and especially on the back of their lower ankle area.

The requirement for a softer demeanor and less edgy disposition is quite desirable among riding horses.

The problem is size, obviously as described in this article, getting tack can be challenging due to horse size.

So what people began doing was to raise these bigger horses with smaller horses in an attempt to convey the calm disposition and smaller, athletic size of the smaller horse.

These new breeds have been called warm blood and are widely used.

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