Thorowgood Griffin Saddle Review – Good or Bad?

The thorowgood griffin saddles are an old brand with lots of good reviews online. They are good at what they do.

Thorowgood Griffin Saddle Review 

Thorowgood griffin saddles are fantastic and I love them.

The square cantle is the con saddle on the flatter tree. Now, the round cantle has either the standard version (that commonly fit an average shape) and a high-wither version which is very definitely cut back at the pommel and has deeper panels, together with a little straighter tree than the standard variety.

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The cob saddles are nice to ride in but to feel a bit wide if you’re not used to that and you can’t get your stirrups up that much for jumping.


Maxam is a cheaper version of the Griffin. It has a more plastic feeling version and there are some ancient Maxams around which have super curvey tree and some ancient Griffins which completely have a leather-look with no fabric parts on a standard tree, they won’t be square cantle though, so simple enough for you to avoid.

Thorowgood Griffin Saddle Review

The slightly younger Maxams match the slightly less ancient Griffin models in tree shape. Griffins provides you with better comfort with prolite in the panels and seat.

The old but not ancient ones have a “fish” adjustment system that narrows the saddle by ½ or a complete size, depending on whether you insert the thin “fish” or thick one, the “fish” do also lengthen the tree points tho, which can sometimes mean the saddle won’t fit no matter what.

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Note: To tell if it has “fish”, you should check under the tree – if there’s a horizontal Velcro pocket that’s where the fish go. Do not be surprised if the one you’re buying has lost its “fish”, so if it’s crucial for you to have them, check first before you pay.

If yours is missing it, you can purchase “fish? And knee blocks second hand on Ebay or Thorowgood might have some available for you.

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