Tony Lama vs Ariat vs Others – A Detailed Comparison

Tony Lama vs Ariat vs Others

So, it’s Tony Lama vs Ariat boots vs Anderson bean boots vs Justin’s comparison today, huh?

Let’s get right to it.

Personally, I have had both for a long time and discovered that the Tony Lama’s to be a bit more comfortable and better quality than Justin’s.

Of course, you might end up paying a bit more for the Lama’s. Can’t go wrong either way.

On the other hand, Ariat boots are way more comfortable than the Tony Lama’s.

For Ariat, Comfortable is the word, and my toes prefer the square toe.

  • For long hours of use, I recommend Ariat
  • and for short hours, I recommend Tony Lama first, then Justin as second place.
  • In terms of quality, I recommend Tony Lama first, Justin second and Ariat third place.

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Tony Lama vs Ariat vs Anderson bean boots vs Justin boots

For 3 years, my friend (Jessy) tried the Justin until she slipped on a piece of equipment with wet leather soles so she switched to Ariat (rubber soles) and they have been the best decision for her so far – they are super comfortable with almost zero time to break-in.

Two issues she complained about with Ariats is that the heel is NOT economically replaceable (a single piece molded with the sole) and,

outside of Ropers, it gets difficult for her locally in Central Texas to locate round toe Ariat boots,

everyone has plenty of square toes. She told me she might increase her personal price point to Tony Lama or just fall back to Justin.

High-Quality Tony Lama boots

Tony’s are made in Elpaso and Ariats are manufactured in Red China. I have heard from some people that the new “gel” insole padding in Ariats makes gives them an extremely comfortable feel and wear.

With all things being equal Ariats “have proven” to be a bit narrower than Tonys (Yes, I’m quite aware of the fact that you can pick various widths)

whereas the front end of Tony Lama boots tends to be a little more rounded. Plus, there are also more choices in style with Tonys.

Tony Lama vs Ariat

You should never be able to grab the leather of a boot across the tops of the toe area and pinch it together. Thin leather, of course, will continue to wear out fast.

Additionally, ensure the heel of the boot is always at least partially wider than the boot’s base.

There should always be a “spure ridge”; this is not only functional if you do wear spurs but it keeps the heel cap of the boot from “slumping”.

High-Quality Justin Boots

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Short boots, like FatBabys, are basically fashionable, not functional at all. I refer to them as poser boots.

I have owned some, they are nice but not great to wear while riding.

They are hard to kick out of the stirrups because they have such a deep sole. Plus, crepe soles aren’t ok in the show ring.

Medium boots work for just about anything.

I love tall boots (like 15-18” tops; buckaroos, stovepipe boots, etc.). They fit more the class of cow class riders and many ranchers. Lastly, they are hella comfortable to slip on.

Again, I would recommend you the Tony Lama 3R’s. I own 4 pairs, the best boots I ever paid for.

They wear great, look great, hold up great, and are almost as comfortable as Ariat. Lastly, they come in plenty of styles/colors.

Ander Bean boots are nice too, not the most comfortable boot I think. If you’re bent on getting one, I would recommend going with the Horse Powers as against the regular Beans, they are better.

And I dislike stitching on Anderson Beans. Just so freaking bland, you can tell a good boot based on the stitching, normally.

I’d personally not waste the money on how insanely expensive Beans are.

Justin’s are really nice boots, my brother admires his pair, many people in the store to have sworn bought them. I had one 5 years ago, and they were quite comfy.

Personally, I’d still pick a Tony Lama. My other two picks would be Nacona or Ariat.

As far as fashion boots go, you can NEVER go wrong with a pair of Fatbaby or Corrals.

These are not riding boots, but strictly dancing/fashion/clubbing boots.  I have a pair, and I love them!

High-Quality Ariat Boots


Now, your picks shouldn’t be only restricted to boots discussed here.

Feel free to try on different styles and boots – then you will know which brand lines have a last (boot form) that matches your foot, and you’ll know which lines and models have a shaft that works with your leg.

So, which brand would you pick in this Tony Lama vs Ariat boots vs Anderson bean boots vs other brands review would you pick and why?