5 Best Horse Saddle for Lower Back Pain/Bad Back in 2022

Best Horse Saddle for Lower Back Pain

Do you have back issues especially in your lower back and are looking for the best horse saddle for lower back pain to buy? Look no further! We’re here to help you.

Like running shoes, not all saddles will fit you or ease your bad back but the ones we recommend here will reduce lower back pain from horseback riding or the sore back muscles after horse riding.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Horse Saddle for Lower Back Pain

Stubben Saddles with Biomex Seat – Best horse riding saddle for back pain

The first on our list is the Stubben saddles with Biomex seat.

These seats are designed and marketed to ease lower back pain from horseback riding and improve your comfortability.


Although they are great for easing your bad back, I found out they work best for tailbone injuries.

The newest prestige saddles utilizes X-Technology ones like X-contact are also “lower back friendly”.

Antares Horse Seats – Best horse saddle for bad back

Next, is the Antares seats. This saddle feature more cushion than the others on this list of top horse saddles for bad back.

It really makes your riding more enjoyable and helps your back feel better after each ride. You can take it a step forward and use it with a saddle pad.


You should avoid saddles with laytex in them since that could push back at you more.

Black Country – Best horse saddle for lower back pain

This is yet another leading horse saddle for pain in the back that has won the hearts of many for one reason – It works!

Since my niece began riding in my Black country, she has never felt lower back pain ever again.

Before that she tried many brands such as Delgrange, Childeric, Prestige and Pessoa within 3 years, and always complained of intermittent lower back pain.

I understand that the comfort you feel will depend on the saddle you pick and this is why we recommend a recommend a Thinline pad with any saddle, because I think they do absorb some shock and help the lower back.

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  • CWD

We recommend buying any of the CWD 2G’s saddles.

Why? Because they contain gel pockets in the seat. This is bound to make you more comfortable.

I also recommend the Miss saddle if you’re a female.


Definitely try different saddles, but look into CWD.

  • Davoucox Saddles

I recommend getting Devoucoux saddles with a gel padding added to the seat.

You might be able to get an affordable used one on eBay and see how that works for you.

The pricing is fair for the comfort and improvement it brings.

  • Tad Coffin

I haven’t tried this yet but some people swear it works best alongside Invictus pad.

Best Horse Saddle for Lower Back Pain

Best Western Saddle Pad for Sore Back

The right saddle pad can make a big difference.

Thinline, Supracor, Invictus, and the Toklat Matrix pads are some top pads for horses that reduce shock & impact for the rider as well as the horse.

Here is a list of the best saddle pad for lower back pain:

  • Sheepskin Pads

My horse favorite pads are sheepskins. Mattes or Fleeceworks might be costly, but I love the feel when riding on it.

I like sheepskin pads but they can add a lot of bulk.

Thinline pads are a nice option too. At times, I try to use Thinline pad when my horse is dirty, with a baby pad underneath, and the sheepskin pad when he’s clean.

Many people put a typical saddle pad underneath the sheepskin pad, but in my case doing so prevents the pad from carrying out its function.

  • Equifit Half Pad

This is amongst the best western saddle pad for sore back you can try out today.

It will fit any horse but ensure you get the leather one and not the sheepskin one.

  • Thinline Pads

Thinline pads do a wonderful job at beating down concussion without adding bulk. If your saddle fits nice, then you can choose from many of the therapeutic pads out there to make it fit.

  • SaddleRIght Pads

Saddleright pads are great options too! They do not add many bulk (although more than thin line pads.).

Yes, there are many top and best horse saddle for bad back out there but you’ll need to experiment. Good luck!

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