Can You Show With a Unregistered Horse?

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Can You Show With a Unregistered Horse? 

Yes, you can but only in an open show. You wouldn’t be able to show her in any breed specific shows.

For open shows, you would need health papers, coggins etc. turned in advanced.

As for registering an unpapered horse, it is almost impossible (if even possible at all). Try reaching out to the AQHA in your state to find out.

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How Can I Get My Horse Registered?

The registration of any horse depends on her parents and whether or not they are purebreds or registered.

For example, the AQHA will not register a horse without proof of traceable lineage and they also ask that you provide DNA (in some cases).

A lot of people be claiming their horses were bred in a certain way when in reality, they aren’t. You can locate open shows where they will accept any breed or you could try out specific disciple and show there; NBRA, NRHA, etc. I don’t they demand papers but I’m not sure.

Can You Show With a Unregistered Horse

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What Can I Achieve with a Horse that Has No Papers?

If your horse is gaited, you could get him registered for racking papers, and single footing papers.

You could get him pinto papers if he has lot of white

Show him in eventing, HJ, dressage.

You can ride competitive trail

You can ride endurance too.

You could speed rack race him if he is quick enough at the rack gait (a 1234 footfall).

You could show him in any class, any show.

You can register him color-specific if he is a particular color. This allows you show in their shows.

You can take him to cow cuttings, cow sorting, cow penning and make money with hm.

The only thing you cannot do with an unregistered horse is to show him in a breed show.

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