Can You Show With An Unregistered Horse?

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Horse showing offers a rewarding and exciting experience for many horse owners, but not all of them are shown by their registered Purebred or American Quarter Horses. Some may have unregistered horses that they would like to show, which may involve a few added steps.

Does a Horse Have to Be Registered to Be Shown?

No, a horse does not need to be registered to compete in many lower-level, local competitions. Many horse shows accept unregistered horses under Non-Competing registration, which is essentially a registration of convenience for an organizer to ensure liability.

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How Do You Show an Unregistered Horse?

Since unregistered horses are not considered for judging, the procedure for showing them is quite different. Here are a few steps to keep in mind if you plan to show your unregistered horse:

Step 1: Check with the Show Organisers

The first step is to contact the show organizers and make sure your horse is allowed to compete. Usually, they will require you to sign a Non-Competing registration or a similar document, so make sure you check this thoroughly and are comfortable with all the terms.

Step 2: Put Together a Show Setup

When showing an unregistered horse, you may have to create your own saddle and bridle setup. You won’t be able to rely on what’s seen in the show ring, such as a light contact bridle. For example, a completely different type of bridle might be needed for an English Pleasure class or an all-purpose bridle for a hunter/jumper class. Make sure you double check everything and have your equipment ready.

Step 3: Observe the Main Principles of Showing

When showing an unregistered horse, you will still be judged by the same criteria as other competitors, so make sure you know the principles of showing and consider factors such as presentation, gait, balance, and style. Make sure you also understand how to position the horse correctly and know the basic commands as well as the venue guidelines.

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Final Thoughts

Showing an unregistered horse can be equally rewarding, but it does involve a bit of extra work. Make sure you research the show requirements beforehand, create appropriate equipment, and observe the main principles of showing. With these tips in hand, you can have a successful showing experience with your unregistered horse.

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