The 5 Best Saddles for Short Backed Horses

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Purchasing the right saddle for a short backed horse can be tricky. The shape of a short backed horse means the saddle must accommodate their narrow chest and shallower rib cage. Fortunately, there are several saddles on the market designed specifically for short backed horses. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best saddles for short backed horses and the unique features they offer. With the right saddle, short backed horses can get the support and comfort they need – providing riders with an enjoyable and safe ride.

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Black Country Adelinda Saddle

Our first pick for the best saddles for short backed horses is the Black Country ADELINDA saddle. This saddle features an adjustable moveable gullet and an adjustable flap to ensure the perfect fit for your short backed horse. The ADELINDA also has a deep seat and extra padding which provide riders with additional comfort. To help accommodate the narrower chest of short backed horses, this saddle has a wider tree that provides plenty of support for the shoulder blades. With its adjustability and thoughtful design, the Black Country ADELINDA is an ideal choice for those looking for the best saddle for their short backed horse.

Pegasus® Butterfly Saddles

Our 2nd pick for the best saddles for short backed horses is the Pegasus® Butterfly Saddles. These saddles feature an adjustable tree, which allows you to customize the fit to your horse. The flexible panels on the underside of the saddle can also be adjusted to provide additional comfort. The butterfly design of the panels helps to distribute the rider’s weight, ensuring it is carried evenly across the horse’s back. The plush leather and wool flocking on the saddle also adds extra cushioning, making it a great choice for a short backed horse.

Monarch Cob GP Saddle

Next on our list of the best saddles for short backed horses is the Monarch Cob GP. This saddle features a low gullet height, providing additional clearance for the shorter backed horse. The wool flocking also helps to make sure the saddle fits the horse properly, providing a secure fit and maximum comfort. The leather construction of this saddle also ensures it will be durable and long-lasting, and the easy care design makes it a great choice for those who want to keep their horse comfortable without a lot of fuss.

Wintec 500 All Purpose Saddle

Next on our list is the Wintec 500 All Purpose saddle. This saddle is designed to provide all-around support and comfort for short backed horses. It features a medium-deep seat and shock absorbing panels that help to reduce fatigue and soreness. The adjustable Y-girthing system also helps to keep the saddle securely in place, and the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System makes it easy to adjust to fit the shape of your horse. With its thoughtful design and adjustability, this saddle is an ideal choice for short backed horses.

Billy Cook Wade Ranch Saddle

Finally, our next pick for the best saddles for short backed horses is the Billy Cook Wade Ranch Saddle. This saddle has a low cantle for improved visibility and permits a deeper, more secure seat. It is also lightweight and features an adjustable tree that helps to provide a perfect fit. The special shock absorber panels also add extra cushion and comfort, providing a smoother ride for the rider and their horse. With its unique design and adjustability, this saddle is the perfect choice for those wanting an optimal situation for their short backed horse.

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Best Saddles for Short Backed Horses – The Winner

Our overall number one pick for the best saddles for short backed horses is the Billy Cook Wade Ranch Saddle. We love Billy Cook saddles for their premium quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. With its adjustable tree, shock absorbing panels, and lightweight construction, it is no wonder this saddle is one of the most popular on the market today. Its low cantle and deep seat also make this the perfect saddle for those who want to provide their short backed horse with optimal comfort and support.

Where to Buy Saddles for Short Backed Horses

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What is a Short Backed Horse?

Best Saddle for Short Backed Horse

A short backed horse refers to a breed of horse whose back length is shorter than the average horse. Short backed horses are typically more agile and have a quicker gait than longer backed horses. This makes them a popular choice for racers and show jumpers. While they may be slightly more difficult to fit for a saddle due to their shorter back, they are still able to carry riders and provide a great ride.

Identifying a Short Backed Horse

When looking to identify a short backed horse, look for these key characteristics:

• Shorter stature, typically standing 14.2 hands or less

• Sloped back from the withers to the dock

• Visible loin area just above the dock

• Shallower rib cage

• Less muscle mass along the topline

• Narrow chest

• Shorter croup

Choosing a Saddle for a Short Backed Horse

When looking for a saddle for a short backed horse, there are a few key features to look for.

1. A Wider Tree: As short backed horses have a narrower chest, look for a saddle with a wider tree to help accommodate the horse’s shape and provide support along the shoulder blades.

2. Padded Seat: A saddle with a padded seat can help provide additional comfort and stability when riding.

3. Moveable Gullet: Some saddles come with removable gullets or panels. This is helpful because it allows the user to customize the fit of the saddle to their horse’s shape.

4. Adjustable Flap: Some saddles come with adjustable flaps that allow you to tweak the angle in order to create a better fit.

5. Gullet Height: Look for a saddle with a lower gullet height. Short backed horses typically need a saddle with a lower gullet to accommodate their shape.

Short backed horses have unique body types that require a saddle that is designed specifically to fit their shape. While it may take a bit longer to find the perfect saddle, the effort is worth it. With the right fit, short backed horses can provide their riders with a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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